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Fronius Microgrid Solution


The Fronius inverter provides the MicroGrid with as much PV energy as possible. If the load is less than the maximum capacity of the PV generator and if the batteries are already full (or the charging power of the inverter charger is too low), automatic PV power reduction will be required. Most of the time, the output of the inverter is controlled without communication. In this case, the frequency droop characteristic of the inverter charger and the Fronius inverter ensure optimum power setpoints. In addition to the frequency droop characteristic, voltage-dependent power reduction and reactive power regulation functions can also be activated and perfectly configurated.

 Joint system monitoring can also be established using the Victron Color Control Display (CCGX). All that’s needed is to ensure that the Victron Color Control Display and the Fronius Datamanager are in the same network. Once operational, the live values are shown directly on the display. Not only can PV system owners monitor their system through the Victron Monitoring Portal, which shows the live values, but also through the Fronius Solar.web online portal, which provides a comprehensive range of display and analysis functions for PV system data. Furthermore, protection settings can be configured without restriction in the MicroGrid setup. Whether the same settings for the MicroGrid are also applicable for systems which are sometimes connected to the grid, depends on local connection regulations.

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